Olla Nua Project Bag | Handwoven in Northern Ireland

Olla Nua Project Bag | Handwoven in Northern Ireland

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Small Project Bag (21 x 21 x 7cm approx) (Perfect for socks!)

Large Project Bag (26 x 26 x 12cm approx) (Perfect for shawls!)

  • Bags have a stiffened bottom so they can sit upright when a project is inside

  • Both sizes of bags have an inner pocket for keeping tools and knitting accessories

  • Both bags have a metal zipper finished with a leather pull

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Handwoven Woollen Goods

Made in Northern Ireland by Nicola Gates, Olla Nua handwoven goods are created to evoke a sense of warmth and home wherever they travel.

The name Olla Nua comes from the Irish words for ‘new wool’, reflecting Nicola’s aim to use natural, sustainable materials & traditional techniques in a modern, imaginative way. Olla Nua woollen cloth is woven on a manual floor loom, powered entirely by hand and foot.

Yarns are sourced from mills in Ireland and the UK.

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