Hebridean Yarn Club (with Uist Wool!)

Hebridean Yarn Club (with Uist Wool!)


Welcome to the Hebridean Yarn Club, in collaboration with Uist Wool!

I am so excited to introduce this new club, which will consist of:

  • 2 x 50g (165m each- light sport weight/ 4ply) skeins of Uist wool base Las naturally dyed in my studio on the North Coast of Ireland with foraged material.

  • A small surprise! (not food)

The Uist wool base Las has been produced on the island of Uist and it is a 100% Scotch Mule- a cross between Scottish Blackface and a BFL. It has a character that is rather hard to describe- it’s bouncy and lovely- it feels like it would be a great yarn to cosy up with. It has the most amazing texture- it’s not over processed or ‘slick’ but you can really feel the provenance of this yarn- it feels of the place.

Here’s how Uist Wool describe the base:

“Scotch Mule is a first-generation hybrid of the Blue Faced Leicester and the Scottish Blackface, creating a large and hardy sheep ideal for crofting. The Blue Faced Leicester has a lustre-wool fleece, creating a gorgeous sheen to any yarn spun from its fibres; an attribute often carried into the Mule breed. The twist and light ply of Las shows the lustre off perfectly, allowing the yarn to radiate sheepy beauty.”

The yarn will be dyed with foraged material from my area (colour will be a secret!!) and it will be reminiscent of the Scottish Landscape. Both colours will go together beautifully. This base will only be available to club members- once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The two skeins will be sent out together, on the week of the 11th June.

Find out more about Uist Wool here or on their Instagram here.

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