Garden Club

Garden Club


WMFC presents The Garden Club!

Everything in this club has been dyed with foraged dyestuffs from my garden. You will receive:

3 x 50g skeins of my Natural sock base each in a different colour

  • Please note these colours will not be repeated until this time next year! (Maybe never!)

  • They would be perfect for striped socks :)

  • Anything else purchased will be shipped with your club on the 13th November

Yarn Base Info

This yarn has been spun up especially for WMFC and it’s super special. It is a nylon free, non- superwash UK sourced and spun yarn suitable for socks. It is a 2ply yarn with a higher than usual twist, making it durable yet comfortable on the toes. It would also be suitable for shawls or perhaps even a lightweight sweater!

It has been expertly spun by Laxtons Yarns and here is what the fibre manager at the mill has to say about the two breeds in the yarn:

Bluefaced Leicester Wool – very soft, semi-lustrous wool which is the finest long fleece wool bred in Britain being around 26-27 micron diameter, having a creamy white colour with 8 to 15 cm fibre length, making the wool ideal for knitwear, hand knitting yarns and fine worsted cloths produced on the Worsted system. Originally bred in the North of England from Cumbria and Tyneside, now found throughout the UK. The semi lustrous fibre takes dye exceptionally well giving an almost silky appearance and feel to the fibre surface. Often blended with slightly coarser wool to enhance performance.


Cheviot – Slightly crisp semi lustrous and versatile wool found in the Cheviot hills and Scottish Borders, typically used in tweed jacketing’s knitwear blends and carpets to give performance and strength, whilst having a soft handle and good clean white natural colour. Medium to coarse fibre around 31-33 micron diameter and 8 to 12 cm length makes it ideal for blending with softer finer wools.

Naturally Dyed 

Fibre Mix: 50% BFL, 50% Cheviot

Fibre Origin: UK

Spun in: UK

Needle size: 3.75-4.5mm (or switch down to 2.75mm for a tighter gauge on socks)

Weight: 4ply

100g/ 400m 

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